Thursday, 28 January 2010

Talks with Tutors

Problem solving and tasks set


  1. Spoke with adele yesterday and i need to be getting on with the poster as the deadline is April. I have a lot to organize such as the model, dress, props, booking studio, makeup etc.
    Luckily I have a very talented housemate doing Fashion photography so i have worked out with her when she is free and am hoping to book the studio for mon 22/03.

  2. I had another production meeting today discussing the set design for each section and the production as a whole. The theme for the whole show is VICTORIAN GOTHIC. This was very helpful as now we can work a a team to create a production that fits together and has a recurring theme.
    I showed the director Sean my ground plan of the Lucullus room and it was very useful for visualizing what we could achieve in the space.
    We discussed having four actors in front of the large mirrors these would be the costume students wearing the Alice costumes and possibly a few others.
    An MC will be used to give announcements to the audience and guide them through the whole production.
    They want to have space to show students designs which i am happy with as i think its important to show the 3rd year designs.
    Sean wanted more of a free path for the audience to walk on rather than a shrap zig zag which is good.
    Another idea was to totally block off the exit so the audience have no idea where the room ends and then reveal the door with bulbs all around as a finale before they exit.

  3. I had ia tutorial with Adele on tues 23rd March.
    I have since then taken the bbc Tipping the Velvet out of the library as this will help with the backstage area.
    I am waiting for confirmation on waht is happening with the luccullus room. there is talk of it becoming a real dressing room and therefore i will have no designing task. I am positive that something will be decided soon and then i can continue with my design process.
    I have asked john cambell to have a look at their prop store and Will wants to have a look aswell so i will organise a trip and take photos of the stock there.