Friday, 12 February 2010

First plan

Set design Targets


  1. I am taking a trip to the V&A on sunday to look at the theatre and performance section. I especially want to look at the kylie dressing room. I hope the trip will give me lots of ideas for the set.

  2. I have E-mailed Sean to get some Way of the Worlds photos. I am starting my moodboards this week for the set in preparation for the production meeting on wed 17th.

  3. I have printed photos of the carnival dress and starting collating some research images for the shoot. I need to e-mail Harriet who will be wearing the dress in the shoot.
    I hope to take the photos on Monday 22nd as the poster has to be finished by April.

  4. I spoke to Harriet Dennant today and have discussed the plans for the photoshoot, she is happy to apply her own makeup i have said i will email her with makeu ideas.
    I also spoke to Richelle Ruden the maker of the carnival dress. She has agreed to be there for the before the shoot to dress Harriet and do her hair. I am going to e-mail her with photos of victorian style hair.