Friday, 12 February 2010

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  1. Today I had the photo shoot for the costume show poster. I booked the studio from 4:30 onwards so hair and makeup needed to be finished by then. Harriet who modeled for the shoot did her own makeup and Rochelle the maker of the carnival dress did the hair. The theme of the shoot was Gothic and the hair was made into a modern day Victorian up do. We were very organized and managed to get stated on time.
    We experimented with lighting making large shadows behind the dress as I wanted to create the idea of an illusion. This worked really well as the dress has large wings so the shadows were effective. I think i am going to crop the photo so it is important to get some intense images and i think we have achieved that. Anna the photographer was professional and added a lot to the shoot as she had interesting ideas of her own.
    Tomoro i am going to show the photos to Sean the director of the show and get some feedbackon the photos.