Friday, 12 February 2010

Starting Off

Look at Way of the Worlds inspiration for the set.


  1. I have started my research looking on internet sites for images of theatre wardrobes and dressing rooms. I want to use the large light bulbs around dressing room mirrors throughout my set. I need to think about the audiences expectations of a dressing room and glamorize the space.

  2. I think I need to look at art installations and art gallery spaces that control the audiences movements. My set has to have a narrative structure and I plan to take the audience on a journey therefore the ways in which I control the flow of the audience is very important.

  3. I went to the V&A on Sunday 14th to visit the Theatre and Performance section. I was interested in the KYLIE MINOGUE exhibition showcasing her backstage wardrobe. It is now a permanent installlation in the V&A. I took photos and notes of what i saw in the installation it gave me a good sense of what a performer likes to have backstage from good luck charms to Ugg boots.

    Description of instalation:
    I liked the fact that the dressing room was spilling out with clothes and there were items hanging from every and any surface. Draws open with garments draped of cupboards and draws. The dressing room table was covered in makeup, brushes and bottles of product. It looked like a glamorous yet cluttered table. Teddys and letters from friends for good luck wishes. Fan in the corner to keep the actors comfortable. Lipstick on the mirror with a good luck message from Danni Minogue.

  4. The V&A also showcased photographs by

    He has been given unprecedented access to the in between world of the actors backstage dressing room. The photos showed very high profile actors having down time in their dressing rooms. It highlighted the 'real' aspect of the actors and made them look like people rather than celebrities. I took pictures of his photos as key inspiration for my set space as they are truthful representations of backstage that are glamorous due to the high profile nature of the actors.


    I thought of having a voice over bellowing into the set space giving the actors half an hour and five min calls. This will add to the authenticity of the ante chamber and give the audience a sense of urgency and nerves.

    I looked in the textiles room at the V&A and the sliding vertical draws have inspired me.I want to somehow showcase the third year costume designs and i thought this would be a really interactive way of doing it.

    It would be good to highlight theatre 'acting superstitions' and i read at the V&A about a black cat being the sign of luck, so i can get a stuffed black cat to represent this.
    Another superstition for some actors is to kiss the stage wall before they go on so i could have kisses by the Lucullus door and have actors kissing the wall before they exit.

  6. I need to refer back to my initial research from the V&A but make it relevant to the Victorian era and Gothic look.
    The next production meeting is on the 19th April so by then i hope to have more of a finalized idea for my space. I want to create mood boards with collage to show how the audience will walk through the room and try to express the journey through images.