Thursday, 20 May 2010

The challenge for the shoot was the timing, I had to organize the setting up of the studio with the photographer, overseeing the hair and makeup for the model and the dressing of the model. The costume is very delicate and large so it took a team of us to dress the model and get the dress to set. In the future I will use these time management skills that I have learnt in all my work. The success of the shoot was down to the preparation and communication between myself the model and photographer, I also had a dresser that had made the costume, this was helpful as she understood the restrictions of the costume. I was under pressure to direct both the model and photographer and I quickly learnt that I could not control every element of the shoot. The spontaneity of the shoot on the day made it so successful and in the future I will be relaxed and prepared to adapt myself to any situation. The project has taught me how to collaborate with other creative people and has given me the confindence to drive a project myself. I have gained experience as a designer in this shoot and as a stylist, I felt that the active, creative role that i played suited my outgoing personality and this is a positive strength that I will continue to develop to become a good designer.

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