Thursday, 20 May 2010

The project has been interesting as I had to make sure that all the departemnt from costume, acting to marketing were happy with the final poster. This meant I had to listen and change things at the drop of a hat, this was good for me as I realise that to be a designer you are not always doing your own thing you have to collaborate with others to reach the final look. It was an exciting challenge to meet these requiernemtn and i had to show all the departments a series of final ina,ge inorder for them to shoae the best that would suit the poster. I did not feel rejected if they didnt like some of the images as I had learnt by now that my feeling were not important it is. I have learnt not to feel rejected if someone doesnt like one of my ideas and they way i overcame this was to have many option for the departments to chose from this meant that there was a chance they would at least approve of one. this is a big development for me as in the past I have been too sensitive about my work, the poster helped me to be expereimental but not emotionally involved. I saw the poster design as a professional job rather than a "project" as it was essentially the collaboration of the all the departmets that allowed me to create the final poster. I found that having all the opinion of the departments pushed me to creative a better piece of work, it made me confident nowing I had been given the chance to take on the poster and I will use this to push myself futher in future projects.

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