Thursday, 20 May 2010

I was under pressure to get the poster done to the deadline set by the university, to begin with i was terrified and thought i would not be able to complete it in time. However the pressure only helped me to work more efficiently. The experience showed me how it feels to have people relying on you to produce a creative piece of work for a live performance, this is beneficial for my future as a designer and will give me the confidence in my ability. I had to communicate with the marketing department and this was an interesting experience as they were not seeing the project from a creative point of view they were seeing from marketing eyes. This is not a negative it just made me aware that there are were other departments that I was working for and I had to be flexible to work to everyones demands. This has given me the confidence to to work alongside other professionals as I was dealing with members of staff and they were relying on me which gave me a sense of purpose. I had to be flexible with my time inorder to organise meetings with the relevent members of the marketing staff. It was a daunting experice having to talk to anyone other than my tutors about my own work. It was very different, i couldnt make excuses for my work as I was trying to sell my idea, this will help in the furutre as I have learnt how to positively talk about my work without being negative which is what i do when i am trying to protect myself. I have learnt the importance of being confident infront of the people I am working for as this will enevitably make them believe in my abilities and I will create better work if I belive in myself.

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