Thursday, 20 May 2010

This project is a challenge as my clients are the third years and as they have now finished there work they justifiably are busy or have gone home to relax. This has been tough as I am relying on them to give me feedback and help me realize the space. However I am using the oppertunity to take over and be the creative force behind the exhibition. This will give me the chance to fulfill my desire to design and gain experience in creating a live project. In the future I will remember that I had a tricky time communicating with some people during the live project and have the confidence to take control of the situation. I am beginning to realize that you can not rely on anyone in this industry and things are changing so rapidly that you have to stay on your toes and be prepared for the worst! I feel a lot more relaxed about things changing now during SDP that I am making sure I have thought of all the possibilities before I make any concrete decisions this process of thorough investigation is sure to help me in the future.

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